Realizzazione e produzione di strutture e componenti in tubo metallico Vicenza Veneto Italia.



Meccanica Novella was formed in February 1992 as an independent company thanks to the twenty-year long experience of Mr. Nadio Novella on the engineering field.

Meccanica Novella plans e produces moulds and special machinery for pipe and sheet manufacturing; the firm is specialized in the production of designed particulars and all types of metallic constituent.
Starting from the idea, Meccanica Novella creates a product dealing with all the steps of the work process: the projection, the prototype creation, the mould’s execution and final production.

Skilled workers supported by an open-minded and avant-guarded staff offer a large range of high quality and precision products.

Situated near Vicenza, Meccanica Novella uses for its productions innovative softwares and machineries, such as CNC, Electrical Discharge, CAD CAM, Cymatron, Rhinoceros, Sum 3D, but also traditional process likes Milling machines, Tumbling barrels, Material treatments and cuttings.
What’s more, it can rely on a huge warehouse.

The combination of these elements grant short delivery windows and competitive prices.
Member of C.A.M.( Industrial Consortium for Engineering  and Craftsmen) and in collaboration with many other companies of the neighbourhood , our company offers to the customer a large of processing for different types of materials and also the possibility of pre-sampling and mould’s printing.

In this way, it can satisfy specific and very different needs in readiness and with proficiency, granting good quality at a bargain.

Finally, Meccanica Novella is continually elaborating solutions for any type of problem with the planning and the creation of a new and innovative machineries to place into the market.

Azienda specializzata nella progettazione e costruzione di stampi ed attrezzature speciali per tubo e lamiera

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